LP ITALIANA SPA was founded in 1974 and has always concentrated its efforts in the research and development of disposable products for the MEDICAL Fields, specifically: clinical chemistry, haematology, serology, microbiology and bacteriology aiming to the full satisfaction of its customers.


LP ITALIANA was the first Italian company to manufacture plastic disposable products and to supply public and private hospitals, industries and research laboratories. Since then, the company has been the market leader in Italy and achieved important goals in the country and also worldwide. A very thorough maintenance planning is followed in order to keep all machines and facilities in working order.

An automated technological station supervises the production auxiliary production services, such as, loading raw materials into moulding    machines, power and air supply, running of machine and room temperature and, whereas it is necessary, air filtration obtaining control environment suites (clean room) where manufacturing aseptic products according to UNI EN ISO 14644.

LP ITALIANA’s standard products are manufactured internally on around the clock production. Production Quality control is carried out by highly trained operators, with the aid of precision equipments. Acceptability is fixed by internal procedures and sampling schemes.

Level of Quality Acceptance (LQA) are in accordance with International standard UNI ISO 2859.

In March 1998, LP ITALIANA obtained Quality Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001, highlighting LP ITALIANA’s dedication to develop and promote a quality company policy aiming to satisfy customers’ requirements.


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